The Silent Hair Dryer

Silent hair drying in the sun

How long will we have to wait until we get our hands on a 100% silent hair dryer? The only chance we have at the moment of drying our hair in complete silence is to follow Vogues Guide to Air Drying our Hair in the sunshine.

dyson hairblade a silent hair dryer?

However, there are positive signs from the Dyson ​engineers with the first concept image of the much rumoured Dyson HairBlade. We will have to wait for the Dyson Hairblade's launch to know if it is a completely silent hair dryer but the signs are good that the HairBlade will be much quieter than most hair dryers.


In the meantime its our job to bring you at least the quietest hair dryers that are currently available and then test and rate them to help you make your decision on the best hair dryer for you. 

As soon as a so called silent hair dryer hits the market, rest assured our QHD elves will be all over it to run it through our decibel test to see if it makes our quiet hairdryer leaderboard. ​

QHD Team

The QHD Team is a collective of loud hair dryer haters from a range of locations and industries, from hair stylists and fashion bloggers to travelling air hostesses, bought together on a quest to find the best and quietest hair dryers.