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Revlon RVDR5045 Quiet Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

Revlon RVDR5045

Revlon RVDR5045 quiet hair dryer

Revlon RVDR5045 $34.99 

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Noise Level

79 dB

Average 85 dB

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Now reduced to just $26.00 the Revlon RVDR5045 just can't be beaten on value and performance.

For all round quiet , powerful hair drying at a great price the Revlon RVDR5045 is our Number 1

Not as quiet as the Whisper Light, but the all round performance of this great lightweight dryer makes it to the top of our leaderboard.

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  • The Revlon RVDR5045 Dryer in chic pink boasts a fabulous sleek design and packs a powerful 1875 W motor. The included Concentrator Nozzle directs condensed air flow to the area you are targeting, adding precision and focus while controlling frizz and style outcome.

  • The Revlon RVDR5045 uses ionic ceramic technology which is becoming a popular feature in new hair dryers due to the technology being able to break down water particles quicker than standard non-ionic hair dryers.

    This is said to reduce drying time by 80%, saving both your time and your ears being exposed to lengthy hair drying sessions. 
  • The two speeds and two heat settins controlled by professional salon style rocker switches in the Revlon RVDR5045 emit powerful negative ions which help reduce frizz and increases shine for more natural looking hair. 

The Silent Hair Dryer

Silent hair drying in the sun

How long will we have to wait until we get our hands on a 100% silent hair dryer? The only chance we have at the moment of drying our hair in complete silence is to follow Vogues Guide to Air Drying our Hair in the sunshine.

dyson hairblade a silent hair dryer?

However, there are positive signs from the Dyson ​engineers with the first concept image of the much rumoured Dyson HairBlade. We will have to wait for the Dyson Hairblade's launch to know if it is a completely silent hair dryer but the signs are good that the HairBlade will be much quieter than most hair dryers.


In the meantime its our job to bring you at least the quietest hair dryers that are currently available and then test and rate them to help you make your decision on the best hair dryer for you. 

As soon as a so called silent hair dryer hits the market, rest assured our QHD elves will be all over it to run it through our decibel test to see if it makes our quiet hairdryer leaderboard. ​

Dyson Hair Dryer – Supersonic Review

The Dyson Hair Dryer is finally here, available now to pre-order direct from Dyson.  Known as the Supersonic, due to its high powered, yet ultra low noise level, the Dyson Hair Dryer is set to become of the quietest yet highest performing hair dryers ever released.


The Best Quiet Hair Dryer

We have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of Dyson's hair dryer launch to see if it will become the ultimate quiet hair dryer to top our leaderboard as we hunt out the best quiet hair dryers on the market . Our Dyson Supersonic review looks into the story behind the development and reviews the features and benefits , which Sir James Dyson believes will turn the market on its head.


The Problem with Hair Dryers


Dyson's approach has always been to innovate by addressing the flaws and problems with the existing market.

It is estimated that women spend a total of 10 whole days in a year blow drying their hair. That's a lot of time to be spent on an activity which for most is a frustrating and uncomfortable chore.

Add this up over a lifetime and its over a year solid spent blasting a high volume motor into your ears. whilst straining your wrist and damaging your hair with a bulky overheating hair dryer.


“Millions of people use contraptions daily that are hideously inefficient, waste their time and are causing them long-term damage, we realized that we could — and should — sort this situation out.” says Sir James Dyson.

Our time is short and precious therefore Dyson believe time spent hair drying should be a positive experience with much better results. There has been zero innovation and change in the hair dryer market for over 60 years , claims Stephen Courtney Project lead at Dyson

"For decades, people have just accepted a subpar experience because no one was offering them anything else,” until now.

The Solution


For the past 4 years Dyson have thrown 103 engineers and over £50m at developing the Dyson Hair Dryer. Based in the state-of-the-art hair laboratory at Dyson HQ in Wiltshire, England, engineers have tested countless prototypes drying over a 1000 miles of real hair before finding the right balance of comfort and results to cater for all various hair types found across the world.

“Trust me when I say there are many more approaches and angles to blow-drying than vacuuming in the world. British women want volume. Japanese women want straightness. No one wants hair damage. And then we had to create a fleet of robots specifically to test that over and over again.” Ed Shelton, a design manager for the Supersonic.

Why is it called the Supersonic?

The sound waves from the Supersonic can operate at an ultrasonic level, which humans are unable to fully hear. Whilst not completely silent, the Supersonic is therefore able to produce powerful results whist rapidly reducing the volume of the motor for a more comfortable experience.

What are the Key Features?

The following key features showcase the Supersonic as a quieter, lighter hair dryer, capable of producing professional results with comfort and ease :

  • Lighter, Smaller and Easier to Hold

  • For the first time Dyson have been able to reduce the size of the high powered motor and place it inside the handle. This breakthrough provides a more comfortable holding experience as the weight is reduced and better balanced. Traditional hair dryers have had to include a bulky motor into the back end of the head unit, which is weighted on one side causing strain and discomfort over prolonged drying sessions.
  • Weighing at just 1.4 pounds the Supersonic is nearly half the weight of the average hair dryer at 2.5 pounds. 
  • Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkins believes this feature alone sets the Supersonic apart from the rest. Ms Atkins who can see 30 clients in a day including celebrities such as Kim Kadashian and Katy Perry was bought in as ambassador and consultant on the Supersonic. “That back-heavy feeling that usually makes your arms ache completely disappears with this, whether working on your own hair or blow drying someone else,” she said. “For me, or any woman, that is a game changer. This is the ‘break the Internet’ dryer.”

Jen Atkins believes the Supersonic is a game changer and a "break the internet hair dryer"

  • Quieter

  • Noise level is the other main annoyance with standard hair dryers. Whilst the official decibel levels have not yet been released from Dyson, the Supersonic is set to be one of the quietest on the market thanks to supersonic style noise levels that are undetectable to the human ear plus the use of 13 blades instead of the standard 11 reduces the turbulence and swirling from the airflow for a  significant reduction in noise levels.
  • Reports from the industry are also extremely positive with experts claiming to be able to talk and hold a conversations easily whilst using it at full power. 
  • Less Damaging to Hair

  • Hair is easily damaged when overheated as water bubbles in the cortex explode and blast holes in the hair fibres, leaving a dull look and damaged hair. The Supersonic prevents damage by monitoring the air temperature 20 times a second via a microchip, allowing it to regulate the heat to the correct temperature.
  • No Chance of Burns, Cool to the Touch

  • There is no danger of the Supersonic getting too hot and causing burns when touched. Specially designed Heat Shield technology provides a double skin that ensures the outer skin stays cool to the touch when the inner motor gets hot.
  • No Hair Snags

  • Standard hair dryers suck in air and blast it out, which can suck up loose hairs getting them caught in the motor. The Supersonic regulates the airflow to prevent this, however should a stray hair find its way into the main outlet a small blade trims the end before the hair can get trapped in the motor.
  • Ionizer Anti-Static as Standard

  • The Supersonic uses ionizer technology which conditions the hair and reduces static and frizz. This is a major selling point for many hair dryers and comes as standard with the Supersonic.
  • Extra Long Cord

  • The cable length is 9 ft long giving you plenty of slack for plugging in comfortably.
  • Elegant Design

  • Dyson have won numerous awards for their ground breaking design, making their high-end appliances must have items for the home. However breaking into the beauty industry requires a another level of design and sleek aesthetics. To achieve this they have worked with some of the hottest celebrity stylist from across the world including Akin Konizi, 4-time Hairdresser of the Year in Britain and US Celebrity Stylist Jen Atkins.

Hairdresser of the Year Winner Akin Konizi using the new Dyson Supersonic Professional

  • The result is distinctly Dyson, an elegantly original design that looks like no other hair dryer on the market. The combination of engineering excellence with minimalist chic design comes together to deliver a highly desirable product.

What's in the Box?

The attachments for the Supersonic are all magnetic, which elegantly click into position without the need the screw or fasten.


How Much is the Supersonic?

Quality does have its cost and at $399 it's twice the price of most professional salon dryers. The Supersonic is a premium product targeted for the high end consumer and beauty professionals. However Dyson have a proven track record of showing consumers the investment is worth paying for an appliance that can turn a mundane chore into an enjoyable positive experience.

Supersonic available in White or Pink

Customers once gasped at the price of the first Dyson vacuum cleaners and Sir James Dyson feels it is more important to produce a quality product that satisfies customers than appeal to the wider mass market. "It's not so much how many you sell that's important, it's whether people who buy it like it," he told the BBC.

"We all spend 20-30 minutes every day doing our hair, so you use it an awful lot. Not damaging your hair, that's worth a lot of money. I don't mind if I only sell 100 a year, as long as those 100 people think it's really good. I wouldn't make much money but that's not always the point. That's not what drives us, that's not what makes it exciting."

Our Verdict

If you can afford the $399.99 for the Supersonic then you will be the owner of the best hair dryer on the market and the envy of all that cast their eyes on it. 

It's a big investment but considering the amount of time we spend drying our hair then we believe it is money well spent. Hair drying becomes an enjoyable activity, your hair will be healthier and your ears and senses will be protected by the low noise level.

The Supersonic turns the morning ritual from a headache into a mindful meditative experience, allowing you to think, before hitting the day with great looking hair. 

For those that can't stretch the budget check out our Leaderboard for our highly rated quiet hair dryer alternatives.

Where to Buy the Supersonic?

To be one of the first to own the Supersonic, reserve yours today direct from Dyson.


Whisper Light Conditioning Hair Dryer

Quiet Hair Dryer Rank :

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Quiet Rating

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Noise Level

72 dB

Average 85 dB

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The quietest hair dryer from our tests at 72 dB, the Whisper Light is also a great salon performer.

The technology packed into the Whisper Light is staggering and leaves your hair conditioned and shiny.

You may be paying a touch more than say the Allure 2200w, but this is a solid professional hair dryer which also comes with the peace of mind with a 5 Year Warranty from Bio Ionic.

  • description
  • features
  • Variable Heat Settings
  • Dual Removable Filters
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Ionic Styling Nozzle

Centrix Q Zone Quiet 1500 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer

Quiet Hair Dryer Rank :

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Quiet Rating

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Noise Level

76 dB

Average 85 dB

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The Centrix Q Zone Quiet Hair Dryer has been massively reduced since its Salon Only days, allowing you to purchase this professional hair dryer at a great price.

A great performer across a wide range of hair types. The Centrix Q Zone is a popular choice across Salons.

This came out 3rd in our results mainly due to being more expensive then the Allure 2200w and not as quiet as the Whisper Light  but the Centrix is a safe bet as an affordable quiet hair dryer that offers salon results.

  • description
  • features
  • 1500W High-Power motor with Noise Reduction Technology
  • Narrow concentrator nozzle for curls & flexible hair
  • Dual cool shot and 2 speed settings on front and back of grip handle.
  • Includes Concerntrator Nozzle