Looking for a Quiet Hair Dryer?

QHD Reviews brings you our research into the best quiet hair dryer available on the market.

Why choose a quiet hair dryer?

Long exposures to high volume so close to your ear isn't going to be healthy and may cause hearing damage. If you look at the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), employees must never be exposed to noise over 90 decibels, now the average hair dryer is around the 85 decibel level, with the more powerful hair dryers going into the 90-100 decibel levels.

We hunt for hair dryers below the 85 decibel levels and rate how they perform in our tests.

How did we pick our best Quiet Hair Dryer?

We scoured the Internet and shortlisted all the hair dryers that proclaimed to be a quiet hair dryer or silent hair dryer by contacting hair dryer suppliers, reading customer reviews and testimonials.

Decibel Noise Level Score

We then list the actual operating decibel noise level of each hair dryer as stated by the manufacturer. 

Average Noise Level of a Hair Dryer is 85 dB

Average Noise Level of a Hair Dryer is 85 dB

How did we test the hair dryers?

Every hair dryer we get our hands on we test using a decibel noise monitor by placing the meter 3 inches from the front of each hair dryer.

We use the ​Decibel Meter Pro by Performance Audio for our tests.

It may be a quiet hair dryer but are they any good?

As part of the review we also ensure that all the hair dryers strike a good balance of getting the job done quickly whilst operating at a comfortable noise level.


Check out our Quietest Hair Dryer Leaderboard to see how well each scored in the following areas : 

  • Noise Level
  • Power / Speed
  • Value
  • Amazon Review Score
  • Overall Score